Mild achievements and severe disappointments

Reaper is a digital audio workstation that gained a lot of devoted followers since its appearance. What is special about Reaper, apart from its enormous functionality and customizability, is two things: Community and Extensibility. You can check the former on Reaper forums, which is a thriving place, but the latter is achieved via user-coded scripts and open API. Since I've started using Reaper as my main DAW, the temptation grew. Then finally a need for a function that wasn't present in Reaper has arisen.

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posted by Kirill on 2016-04-14

Architect Linux is an installer for the glorious Arch linux. It is distributed as a live-cd ISO, which boots into pseudo-graphical mode and allows installing Arch via comprehensible script which is updated prior to installation from Architect github-repo.

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posted by Kirill on 2016-03-23

Everyone and their dog has a blog. Now me too.

posted by Kirill on 2015-12-23